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Greener Company wants to make the climate transition easy for you

We are Greener Company. A climate consultancy that helps companies realize their climate ambitions. We ensure that impact on the climate and on your organization go hand in hand. We will support your company in four simple steps. We do this with a well-calculated CO2 footprint, a clear climate strategy and a policy for CO2 reduction. But, we also help you reap the benefits of your climate approach.

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Climate impact =
Commercial benefits

Every company should have a climate strategy. Not just because we owe it to ourselves, the next generations and the earth. But also because it makes business sense

Below are the arguments of Greener Company to convince you, your boss or your colleagues on the benefits of a climate strategy.


Dare to show leadership and lead the way in the energy transition. A company that brings about positive change improves its image. Various studies show that companies with a clear climate strategy have more satisfied customers and create higher margins. But, it also helps in a very practical way with tenders, because you can meet CSR criteria.​


A company that is working on climate goals and reducing CO2 emissions is ready for future legislation. Certainly within the EU there is a lot of (sometimes binding) legislation on the agenda (EU taxonomy, CSRD). In the Netherlands too, we have committed ourselves to be climate neutral by 2050. The government expects companies to contribute to this.


A company that makes a climate impact saves energy costs, takes advantage of a wide range of tax measures and gains access to subsidies. More and more lenders have clearly stated climate ambitions and prefer to finance green companies, so you can benefit from lower interest rates.


Companies are more likely to attract and retain employees if they can demonstrate a commitment to the climate and sustainability. Working together on a more beautiful and greener company ensures more job satisfaction and committed employees.

Get your clients, team and suppliers excited about your climate journey

Four steps to help you

We help companies become greener with a 4-step approach that creates value for your business

1) Measure your carbon footprint

It all starts with measuring the baseline. A company’s carbon footprint is the quantity of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that are produced as a result of its operations. We help you understand the different methods of calculation, know which data you need to collect and tell you all about the free resources that are available.

2) Create a climate strategy

Next up is to set an ambitious climate target. You might have seen companies commit to NetZero or Climate Positive by 2030. We help you navigate the minefield of target setting, give insight in the implications of a commitment and show how to communicate your organisations carbon footprint and strategy. After completing this step you have a climate strategy that is ready to be shared.

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3) Improve your climate performance

Now it is time for effective and cost-efficient reduction measures. An exact roadmap to reduce and move to renewables depends on the industry your organization is in. We help you get insight in the impactful areas, can connect to innovative partners and understand how to offset remaining emissions with reliable carbon credits.

4) Seize benefits from your climate approach

Engaged and happy employees, lower intrest rates, better financing opportunities, improved brand value. All positive side effects of a strong and solid climate performance. We show you how to get there with communication, CSR-reporting, employee engagement, opportunity scans and more. 

About us

At Greener Company we believe sustainability should me made easy. This is the only way to solve the global climate crisis - NOW. That why we provide a clear roadmap to a climate neutral company and focus on the benefits for your business. We work with free templates and explanatory meetings because we love sharing our knowledge and it will help you get started. Work with us if you want to have a greener company.

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